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Tina-Lousie Eckert


Tara Jean O'Brien

Hosted by

Tina-Lousie Eckert


Tara Jean O'Brien

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Single vs. Married is a comedy, conversational, and interview podcast hosted by real-life best friends who have very different points of view on love and life.

Tina-Louise Eckert is single and Tara Jean O’Brien is married.

  • Tina-Louise what?

    Meet everyone's favorite bridesmaid, Tina-Louise Eckert.

  • Who's this Tara Jean?

    Learn more about married human Tara Jean O'Brien.



Episode 13: Being a Breadwinner With Christie Clough Bishop!

Have you worn out your favorite pajamas yet? Us too! No matter how many holes we have in our pants, we're pressing on with this week's episode. (This was recorded pre-COVID, so if it sounds like we still had hope ...

Episode 12: Long Distance Relationships with Megan Brasfield!

We hope everyone is staying safe out there! This episode was recorded prior to learning that no one washes their hands (why are some people so gross?) and that America is very concerned about how much pooping they will be ...

Episode 11: Divorce (the Big D) with Scott Palmason!

The uber-talented Scott Palmason sat down with us to talk about his experience with divorce. This is a subject that almost no one wants to talk about but let's face it--nearly every single person reading this has first-hand experiences with ...

Episode 10: When Your Partner Gets Sick with Ian MacLeod!

We were honored and inspired by this week's guest, Ian MacLeod. His journey when he was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (AML) (a rare Cancer) (sorry for all the parenthesis) (not sorry) is one of hope, courage, and frankly, scared ...

Episode 9: Cheating with Sean Michael Boozer!

Loading up the big guns now! In this episode, we address the ever taboo subject of cheating. Is it worse when you're married or is it worse when you're single? How do you move forward in your relationship? Does it ...

Episode 8: Natural Childbirth with Shea Andreone!

We cannot WAIT for you to listen to this fascinating episode about natural childbirth! As our regular listeners know, neither one of us has children for reasons including, "none of your business," and, "can you ask me a more relevant ...

Episode 7: Uber Safety with James Elden!

This week we sit down with former rideshare driver, and our friend, James Elden! We learn that Tina-Louise has been stalked by a number of Uber drivers and Tara Jean is blissfully unaware that anything bad could possibly happen in ...

Episode 6: Religion with Chris Cappiello!

The dashing and brilliant Christopher Cappiello sits down with us to talk about religion! Surprisingly, none of us were immediately sent to hell (yet). Specifically, we talk about when one partner is a member of a religion and one is ...

Episode 5: Adoption with Tina Sanchez!

We were so lucky to have our delightful, super-Mom, and environmental activist, Tina Sanchez with us to talk all about her experience of adoption her awesome little boy. We learned a lot and we know you will too--whether you have ...

BONUS! Happy Holidays from TL & TJ!

Tina-Louise and Tara Jean wanted to send a special holiday shout out to our listeners by recounting some of our more traumatizing holiday moments. We hope you listen while trying to tune out your family this holiday season! Thanks for ...

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