Episode 4: Vacation Planning with Michael Silva

Our resident travel guru, and person we’re usually jealous of, Michael Silva, joins us for this episode all about vacation planning! How hard is it for married couples to plan a vacation? Does a single person always get the couch? What day is the best day to get flight deals? We talk about all this and much, much more!

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Tina Louise Eckert 0:14
Cheers. Pick it up!

Tara Jean O’Brien 0:17
Nobody can see that I didn’t pick up

Tina Louise Eckert 0:19
It means something to me.

Tara Jean O’Brien 0:20

Tina Louise Eckert 0:21
Hi this is my best friend Tara Jean O’Brien.

Tara Jean O’Brien 0:25
I like that you almost forgot.

This is my best friend Tina Louise eckert

Tina Louise Eckert 0:28
And I am single

Tara Jean O’Brien 0:29
And I am married

Tina Louise Eckert 0:30
And this is single vs. married. The podcast.

Tara Jean O’Brien 0:35
Not the movie, not the TV show, not the documentary, the pod cast. Oh my god I’m so excited for this episode. This is fun and excitement.

Tina Louise Eckert 0:43
This is a great topic is we are going to be talking about vacation planning. That’s right and vacation but who doesn’t love a good vacation? I love it. Okay. But you know, it is different now. I have to tell you, the lingo being different. It’s not just less of a lack of places to go to, you know,

Tara Jean O’Brien 1:02
You can still go anywhere single

Tina Louise Eckert 1:04
to get murdered.

But like, you know, when I was with x, I was in charge of the vacation planning. Sure. I mean, also because I’m a Virgo and I was mostly because you’re very controlled mo very controlling me. This is why you love me and why I love you. But now being single, and I get invited with things with you and art. Yeah, you know, I’m just kind of part of your plan. So now I can add to the trip, like adventures, but I’m not really in charge of them kind of boohoo do whatever you guys decide.

Tara Jean O’Brien 1:35
I mean, here’s, here’s what I’m going to say back when I was single, in 26 ad.

I always thought and it was true is that to me traveling your first weekend away or whatever, to me. It’s a big deal, right? It’s a make or break of a relationship. Because it doesn’t matter how nice the person’s been or how cool or how clean or whatever. When you traveled together. That’s a 24 seven, right? You’re in a new place. Sometimes places neither one of you’ve ever been And you’re discovering something new together and your behavior, it’s much harder to hide. If you’re like a real asshole, you’re at your limits. And it’s like, Okay, well, let’s see who this real person is. So for me when I was still dating, you know, when I still was relevant and that working vagina, what was that moment was that moment is like, Okay, cool.

This is our test. Here’s our test.

Tina Louise Eckert 2:22
To me was to me it was more of a stress test.

Tara Jean O’Brien 2:24
Well it is, the exact

Tina Louise Eckert 2:25

Tara Jean O’Brien 2:25
like I just met a vagina test. Oh, yeah.

Tina Louise Eckert 2:27
My vagina doesn’t need to be tested. I mean, it’s tried to remain single, so it doesn’t closed up for business. estate sale.

Tara Jean O’Brien 2:37
I’m not gonna sell it to anybody for the lowest but I’m not going

bankrupt. My vagina is not bankrupt.

Tina Louise Eckert 2:44
Maybe it is, but it’s interesting. It’s also to see how your spouse responds to stress. Now being single Sure, the same thing goes with my friends. Now I travel with friends more, you know, obviously I don’t have a partner. So now I really see friends. Like how they react and that’s interesting to me because I know this person I see them a happy hour I now to get drunk with them at brunch. Yeah, but all of a sudden, the driving is like, oh, you’re now angry or you’re going to sleep. You’re going to sleep while I drive like this is a team effort and you’re going to sleep but these are like respect things or doesn’t just have to be your partner can

Tara Jean O’Brien 3:20
you and I’ve traveled a lot together. And I think we travel well together.

Tina Louise Eckert 3:23
We could do great on airplane.

Tara Jean O’Brien 3:25
We do great on an airplane. Everybody else on the plane may hate

Tina Louise Eckert 3:28
Oh, we the last time we were on a plane to New Orleans.

The lady in front of us

she hated us.

Tara Jean O’Brien 3:37
Oh, that’s right. She gave you the death glare. me keep us to death. She She stood up to leave it was both of us.

Tina Louise Eckert 3:45
We were both


Tara Jean O’Brien 3:46
No but then you stopped, she stood up and looked at me like oh, I’m talking in my normal level aren’t I

Tina Louise Eckert 3:50
No. Okay, wait. There’s a better part to this. So she kept saying given us glad let’s see me glances her glasses like we were getting glasses. So she’s going to stand up and go to the bathroom. The minute I See your stand up I go Tara Jean pretend you’re sleeping

Tara Jean O’Brien 4:02
oh it was the best thing in the world so that she couldn’t give a side I when she said she doing both my like fake sleep.

she was such

Tina Louise Eckert 4:11
And then she like we wouldn’t give her the gratification of giving us the look nope and then she walked away we start talking and the minute we saw her come out of the bathroom she like the minute we saw we’re like back to back sleeping

Tara Jean O’Brien 4:25
I get it we’re a lot like a lot of people can’t take it it’s fine whatever when art night first got together right before that I had planned through sky auction com I got a trip to Paris from LA to for like $230 like it was crazy good deal My friend was going to serve on so I was gonna stay somewhere for nine days for free and I’m so excited because I actually love to travel alone. I don’t speak I I speak conversational Spanish, but I don’t speak any other language but I was so excited to go because I was like, I love this. This is you know, I don’t have a cell phone or anything because by the way, this was also a long

Tina Louise Eckert 4:57
time like they had pagers

Tara Jean O’Brien 4:59
pretty Be real. Anyway. So I was like, so excited because to me, I can do what I want to do, I can plan what I want to plan, I can leave, you know, I can sleep in or not sleeping independence, its independence. And so it was so funny because it was literally I think it was a week or a week and a half before I left for this trip was going to be nine days essentially by myself that art and I got together. And I remember going on that trip and being like, I’m so excited to get back to the sky. But at the same time, like, this has been the best trip of my life. I’ve been in Paris and like in France in general for nine days by myself, I don’t speak the language. And let me tell you, first of all, French people are lovely. They were so nice to me, but it’s also a single woman traveling alone. There was a certain amount of like, I was on my guard, but at the same time, I would go up to somebody and be like, Oh, I’m so sorry, I don’t speak French. And let me tell you, nine out of 10 times they were like Oh, like where do you were gonna go like whatever

Tina Louise Eckert 5:50
American vagina ask me your question.

Tara Jean O’Brien 5:53
Open up for us. We will show you the way.

Also that was Borat and not in France at all. But anyways, my point is, is Like when we when I got together with art, I like traveling alone. Like, I don’t know how he’s going to be it’s a big deal. So what how was the first time you traveled with them? Okay, so the first trip I think we took was to wine country and solving. And we I was like, Okay, here we go, we’re going to go drink wine. It’ll be fun. I think I’d only done it once before I think we went up there. He, he was so well behaved like we really like, we were just very on the same wavelength of like, cool. We went to go here, here here. And I’d be like testing. I’m like, What if we go here? He’s like, yeah, cool. Like, it was really like he was as clean as as advertised. You know? Like, yeah, the good behavior you’re having, oh, he same thing. And we had such a fun day. And at the end of the day, we went to the last winery, like in town, and we were just hanging out. And these people who own the winery looked at us and they’re like, are you guys doing anything else after tonight? We’re like, no, we’re just like hanging out. And they’re like, we’re going to close the winery. Why are you guys staying like have dinner and like, going up the up up the day? I was like, not only was he on good behavior all day, like in terms of good behavior, like we’re We were totally compatible but at the end of the day people like enjoyed being around us

Tina Louise Eckert 7:04
Your energy and your chemistry

Tara Jean O’Brien 7:07
and it was like it was very

Tina Louise Eckert 7:08
How funny that like helped your relationship

Tara Jean O’Brien 7:10
it actually I think it did it, it was interesting.

Tina Louise Eckert 7:13
See and another thing about being single now about traveling is let’s say no I’m not no not let’s say I am your best friend.

I mean I get you know in being best friend for gonna stay at an Airbnb I get the best second room like you and art get the first best room because you booked it for I get the second best room when that’s when I was with that right now that I’m single. If we have another couple coming No matter if there is shitty couple. They automatically get the room and I get demoted to an air mattress or a fucking couch.

Tara Jean O’Brien 7:46
I like that also you think like all my other friends are like shitty couples.

Tina Louise Eckert 7:55
See, that get married. I understand you want married people sleep in the same bed and you Even though they might not have the hierarchy that I have, you know, you said yourself it’s a numbers game. It is a numbers thing. If there’s two beds and you can see four people here’s my question. Let’s say a friend let’s just call them Jake.

Tara Jean O’Brien 8:13
I don’t be friends with anyone named Jake.

Tina Louise Eckert 8:15
Is lowercase j

Tara Jean O’Brien 8:17
okay fine back on board

Tina Louise Eckert 8:19
let’s say Jake is a good friend of ours but he’s only been dating this girl for a month right? And we’re gonna stay at this Airbnb. She does he get the bedroom with her and I get the motor to the couch or do I get the room because I’m your goddamn best friend. Why are you asking the tough questions because I want to make this interesting.

Tara Jean O’Brien 8:36
That’s it that actually is a tough

Tina Louise Eckert 8:38
See so how infuriating this is like I’m not inferior person, nor or friend. Just because I’m not in a relationship.

Tara Jean O’Brien 8:46
It’s not the implication that you’re inferior. I would imagine that like this, this isn’t just me and just married people. When you’re when you’re staying at a place that say that has five beds and there’s 11 people. You want to put the people like the most heads that Sleep on a pillow in the beds. So if we go out to Palm Springs, and it’s me and art and you say Jim, Brian, are you going to share a bed with Jim? Are you going?

No, I’m just asking. Well, you’re in that situation obviously you would win. The best thing human.

Tina Louise Eckert 9:18
Yeah, but also I’m the best friend like he doesn’t even it’s not even a challenge like I can

go create in the living room.

My own thing is it rude or impolite for me to get the comfort of a bed or having my own bedroom and not feeling guilty? Of being single and taking that room? So Jake, lowercase j? Like I’m like, No, I get the room just we don’t even know this girl like you guys should just sleep on the air mattress and thing if it’s a girl I don’t know I think 100% or one person I know how about this. Let’s say we go on another trip to like let’s say we get another Airbnb. We go somewhere, right? And we have like the Seder. So couple of us couples, someone’s gonna have to sleep in a living room. If I just go on like Tinder or just find somebody like hey, we sleep with me this weekend so I can get them in bed. If I bring a guy let’s say I just bring a guy, can I get the main bedroom?

Tara Jean O’Brien 10:03
I’m weirded out that you just bring somebody from Tinder for

Tina Louise Eckert 10:06
my own Tinder. Don’t look for me anybody.

Tara Jean O’Brien 10:11
Here’s what I’m gonna say. Maybe

Tina Louise Eckert 10:12
I know that. I know.

Tara Jean O’Brien 10:14
But this is

Tina Louise Eckert 10:15
so if I was with crappy x, I can get the good room. I mean, I think I can make a call.

Tara Jean O’Brien 10:22
Okay, if that’s what it takes to like and never that you can always have a bed. I don’t want to commit

to this. This is upsetting.

And having said all that, I mean, what better person to have on this podcast than Michael Silva.

Like I said, I love traveling. I love planning group events, but there is nobody that out does me and the travel department like Michael freaking Silva.

Michael Silva 10:48
It’s not true, true. It is. I love traveling to though.

Tara Jean O’Brien 10:55
Thank you for being here today. Thank you for having me to let’s

That wasn’t the funny part. I don’t find that to be anticdotal or anything…

Michael Silva 11:08
I love teal!

Tara Jean O’Brien 11:15
God, Michael, I’m glad you’re here.

Michael Silva 11:16
I’m glad to be here.

Tina Louise Eckert 11:19
Wait. How long have you guys known each other?

Michael Silva 11:21
since a long time. Yeah,

Tara Jean O’Brien 11:23
I mean, the original reason I actually know you is actually we know each other because of James.

Michael Silva 11:27
That’s right. James Sauer.

Tina Louise Eckert 11:29
James is such a good friend that you’re like

Michael Silva 11:33
he has three names that he uses. You never know

Tara Jean O’Brien 11:35
Like 6.

Tina Louise Eckert 11:35
You know what we found out? He was a guest on the podcast. He has how many different Instagram names?

Michael Silva 11:42

Did you? I’m only friends with one. I think that’s enough.

Tina Louise Eckert 11:48
Like I’m six we’re like, six?

Tara Jean O’Brien 11:50
I’m like could you just give us one?

Anyways, we You and I were both invited to be in an improv group at iOS at the same time.

Michael Silva 11:59
Yeah. It was the same time wasn’t it? We came in and then the others came in after us.

Tara Jean O’Brien 12:04
They did. They came in after us as a result of me.

Michael Silva 12:06
And then you and I, we cleared the stacks. We got rid of everybody else wrangled the power from James. James eventually left and then we had the other two it’s just too much of a vacation.

Tina Louise Eckert 12:18
No, it’s very on trend for Tara Jean.

Tara Jean O’Brien 12:20
By the way, the sad part is it’s like this is already a pattern like I push people out.

Tina Louise Eckert 12:27
That’s that’s a we became friends and our meet and greet. We just pushed everybody out. And we’re like, now we’re enjoying.

Michael Silva 12:32
It’s a little bit of a survival of the fittest, especially with Tara. She’s like, what are they even I listen,

Tara Jean O’Brien 12:38
I suffer no fools.

Michael Silva 12:39
No fools.

Tara Jean O’Brien 12:40
I don’t I don’t I don’t have any qualms about admitting that.

Michael Silva 12:42
And she clearly has no time you think she’s dying tomorrow.

Tina Louise Eckert 12:47
sense of urgency.

Michael Silva 12:48
She’s like, I gotta do this and then I have to sleep.

Tara Jean O’Brien 12:54
Let’s call a spade a spade

Michael Silva 12:55
It’s true. Spade. I love teal. I’m so happy to be here.

Tara Jean O’Brien 13:00
You look so handsome your eyes look,

Michael Silva 13:02
I just had an eye mask on. It was a 24 four karat gold.

Tina Louise Eckert 13:07
You know I only give my guests the best.

Michael Silva 13:09
It was great. So I was playing with that the whole time you guys were talking and

Tina Louise Eckert 13:12
it wasn’t distracting. No,

Tara Jean O’Brien 13:14
no, I definitely we definitely didn’t have to stop two or three times.

Michael Silva 13:16
Especially when I was making the vagina arms.

Talking about vaginas which is such a treat for me. If you haven’t picked it up now I’m the gay guest.

That wasn’t so funny. Alright, Let’s trim the air outta this.

Tara Jean O’Brien 13:40
100% of this is staying in.

Tina Louise Eckert 13:44
lose an eyelash. She paid a lot of money.

Michael Silva 13:48
Well blow on that. Get a wish.

Tara Jean O’Brien 13:52
But the point is is Michael and I think we really like we became kindred spirits pretty quickly.

Michael Silva 13:57

Tara Jean O’Brien 13:57
And you and I have collaborated on a lot of things together.

Michael Silva 13:59
We did a Bunch of projects together. Birds of a feather I think that we don’t get each other’s way our crazy our crazy kind of blends, which is kind of what marriage is about, you know, let’s just get together we’re all your friendship is about your crazy doesn’t get in the way of each other’s creating and things out of it. Well, you’re ready to hear the best friend we haven’t heard at the first 20 minutes.

I’m glad you’re My best friend,

Tara Jean O’Brien 14:22
I want to tell the story of we went to Michael’s birthday party. We went to your surprise party and your family was there and we bonded with your family and we realized Okay, so

Michael Silva 14:29
And my sister

Tara Jean O’Brien 14:31
Tina-Louise and I are very loud right but your family

is no next level

Tina Louise Eckert 14:36
Tara Jean and I night at one point. There were like, they’re loud, like for us to even have any kind of leg to stand on to even see anybody else’s loud.

I was impressed.

Tara Jean O’Brien 14:48
I remember going to your sister. I’m like. I think we should keep it down.

Michael Silva 14:54
The voice of reason. My sister is a funny tough cookie. Family your whole family love them. Yeah, I mean love love people always asked me who’s you know all these your whole family funny? Is it their way funnier than I am? They just don’t know what and I never tell them. They don’t give. Can I curse in here? Yeah, they give a shit about entertainment. They tell me stuff my dad told it’s like you know what that Tom Cruise’s job and anytime I go that’s not really true. Oh no What is it? I go I think I know a little bit about the industry that I’m a part of it. It’s like get out. I believe. So there they are. Let their their opinionated. And so yeah, so I think that’s what we’re grabbing. But they’re brilliant and funny.

Tina Louise Eckert 15:36
But I think that’s what we gravitate, why we gravitate towards you and your family. You’re very unedited. And there’s something beautiful about that. And then to see that you come from a family that

they’re unedited.

And I also liked the idea that the most right person in the room is the loudest like

Tara Jean O’Brien 15:56
Loudest wins. Sad fact Fun fact.

Tina Louise Eckert 16:00
Michael Do you know when we met

Michael Silva 16:02
we met, no

no I believe that when you when you came to one of the captains of industries improv shows that we were in but then we

You mean Hey neighbor

Hey neighbor oh yeah oh you’re right hey neighbor group I mean so many things! we did Hey Neighbor I that’s how I met you and I think there was quickly some group things that were happening but yeah, because once I come comedic world comes together and all slams together but you and I got together immediately Yeah, we got no I love it. It’s like a vacation itself.

Tara Jean O’Brien 16:34
But anyways, quick plug quick plug, Michael and I do a character show live character show called fun

Unknown Speaker 16:39
Raiser. Fun-Raiser and it’s on Facebook and under fundraiser comedy

Tara Jean O’Brien 16:44
Like Fun-Raiser It’s a it’s a it’s like, it’s like a stand up show, except everybody plays characters, and we raise money for a fake charity.

Michael Silva 16:52
Yeah, we raise fake money for a fake charity for real laughs with various different characters and they’re all different and We were different characters too. But we’re always the host because we got to host a gig until the audience what

Tara Jean O’Brien 17:05
does the audience really want? They want this

Michael Silva 17:07
they want variety, but us

Tina Louise Eckert 17:11
What is your relationship status? For our listeners.

Michael Silva 17:14
it’s complicated.

Tara Jean O’Brien 17:19
Poor Richard.

Michael Silva 17:20
Now, I’m married now, which is weird because we still just call each other boyfriends we don’t do you every time. I say Oh, it’s like something husband. He goes, Oh, I don’t have a husband. Then I go. I don’t have a husband either. And I don’t want one so

Tara Jean O’Brien 17:33
except you wear a ring and you guys are married.

Michael Silva 17:34
We you know the ring thing. It’s all weird shit. But it’s because it’s a I didn’t want to get married. I got forced into it. I got I got tricked.


Tara Jean O’Brien 17:48
Were you a child bride?

Michael Silva 17:49
I still a child, right? Yeah, understandably so. But when gay marriage became legal the second time, which said that we should go to get a marriage license. And I didn’t know that a marriage license is only good for 90 days or something

Tara Jean O’Brien 18:04
It’s like three months. it’s not a long time

Michael Silva 18:06
And they’re like, do you want to pick a date?

Tara Jean O’Brien 18:08
Which is 90 days.

Michael Silva 18:09
Is it? Well, yeah, it is.

I’m gonna counter by the way to that was great.

Tara Jean O’Brien 18:15
Okay, fair enough.

Michael Silva 18:16
Well, we glad to got the marriage license marriage license. They said you want to pick a date and like, why But well, we’ll just we’ll just call

Tara Jean O’Brien 18:24
like a wedding day.

Michael Silva 18:25
Yeah. And they were doing them at West Hollywood Park up the street from us somewhere and said to don’t don’t stalk me. I already married one. The date was Thursday at 430 and it was like, Okay, fine. And I’m confused.

Tina Louise Eckert 18:41
You got married in the park?

Michael Silva 18:43
Yeah, there’s a little park in West Hollywood and they were doing ceremonies there for about I don’t know like

Tina Louise Eckert 18:48
I said, you just like like, just like a bunch of people gaming

Michael Silva 18:51
performance. Instead of getting married at City Hall. You could get married at this West Hollywood Park and they set the whole thing up. You’re in line behind all these fun, you know, you Dress up and all this other stuff or I dressed up other people did not sad it was an elopement. You know, I and I was Yeah, I was like, okay, because it’s like,

Tara Jean O’Brien 19:08
Wait, did you dress up and you walk down there and you’re like, this isn’t gonna happen.

Michael Silva 19:12
I picked out the outfits and we had bow ties and did the whole thing.

Tina Louise Eckert 19:17
Because he knew us so well. So putting you not on the spot being like, all right, we got the license, what day should we do it? Like he know knowing you? So like just expediting it by asking you to pick a date would solidify this quicker?

Michael Silva 19:29
No, I don’t think that he was going to be so quick. But we had to pick a date and he’s a man of efficiency. So he’s like, we’re going to we’ll just put down a date. I’m like, and I could give a crap like I’m up here in the air. And when I write it, I’m like, whatever. Like, get that fine Thursday for 30 whatever, you know, like will change it whatever. You know, it’ll be fine. Put not really kidding married.

Tina Louise Eckert 19:53
But that was happening. So what about the ring like do you had to pick out rings?

Michael Silva 19:58
Well, I had an idea well I don’t particularly believe in marriage. So it’s it’s a weird thing like I didn’t I don’t get the idea. I don’t get the concept and and now that I am married, you know things have changed and things like that as it does. But we’re not going to exchange rings to do any of this stuff. That’s also why I looked, I didn’t want a big wedding. It’s a waste of money. I didn’t want people there. We are being an entertainer and being the center of attention. I do not like being the center of attention except to my small groups of people, or onstage and then I want to be away from everybody. So having a wedding, not not up my alley. I don’t I don’t like parties. For me.

Tara Jean O’Brien 20:33
It’s interesting, because I would I would say like at your birthday party we went to was a surprise. I think I remember seeing your face and going, Oh, he’s not into this. But like you were excited, but you weren’t into it.

Michael Silva 20:42
I was I was really I was my parents coming and my family and my aunts in

Tina Louise Eckert 20:47
the East Coast. So this is like a big surprise.

Michael Silva 20:49
Big. It was huge. I mean, I cheers it put it on Facebook. I mean, it was just very moving and wonderful. But a party for me know if I’m having a party, where it’s not about me. It’s all about us. That’s a different Enjoy your Enjoy your Chase, I’ll talk to who I want to but if it’s a party for me, I got to talk to all these frickin people I call friends.

Tina Louise Eckert 21:06
I was like, we gave we gave Microsoft a very specific gift that I think you hit in for a bit.

Tara Jean O’Brien 21:13
We did we gave you a gift that you could hide in

Michael Silva 21:15
I did it was it was a Garfield onsie.

I came out at the end wearing it.

comfortable now I had enough drinks that I did a dance. It was great. And that was also at Facebook.

Tara Jean O’Brien 21:27
Wait so let’s talk about like Why didn’t you build what why don’t you believe in marriage? I’m curious to hear it.

Michael Silva 21:32
I think it’s just I think it’s an odd concept. I think monogamy is an odd concept. I think it’s it forces people to do a lot of things that may be potentially unnatural, you know, an example because i’m not i’m you know, we’re forced to like if you get married, that you have a honeymoon and life is happily ever after. And you do all these things together and you like each other’s family and you do all the things, you know, that are traditional and I’m I came forward to I like non traditional things but I am always moved by tradition as well but I just didn’t want that it was so apart not of my life for a long time then when it became into my head I’m like, Oh, this is nice, but it would be nice if this could also happen or you know, it’s like there are people that have open relationships that you know hope we’re not necessarily there you know, but but I don’t have an issue with that but my traditional family they’ll be like, what are they doing? You know, anytime somebody has an affair it’s like anything of that nature anything a betrayal everything’s always up but trail.

Tina Louise Eckert 22:32
I can hear your family

Tara Jean O’Brien 22:35
you can hear like his sister from here just because you can hear

Michael Silva 22:38
her Yeah, she’s like, Are you kidding me? Like but I’m like no, there’s a lot of other factors but I don’t know I think my personal life experience being gay being all the things that I am forced me to have to see a lot of other things there are more levels two different things. So anyway, we got married and and it’s lovely

Tara Jean O’Brien 22:54
it so it’s been Do you think it’s been the right choice for you guys?

Michael Silva 22:56
Yeah, I mean, and now I think back it’s funny you say that because it would Nice to have a party I did have a party on the West Coast a week I was at that party

yes thank you.

Tara Jean O’Brien 23:05
You had more Cheese and I’ve ever seen anywhere

Michael Silva 23:07
lot of cheese a lot of wine. And but I told everybody

Tina Louise Eckert 23:10
I wasn’t there

Michael Silva 23:11
I’m sure you were invited

Tara Jean O’Brien 23:15
I don’t know if you guys were that tight

Michael Silva 23:17

Gonna go find the email. Amazing By the way, it was great. And I’ll find an email that you said you could not make it probably something with x because I

Tina Louise Eckert 23:28
there’s no reason you would not go away I would not be there but I met the lady that at your birthday. Yeah, because there was a lot of cheese that you’re

Tara Jean O’Brien 23:36
there’s a big theme of cheese in your life.

Michael Silva 23:37
I love I love wine and cheese. So we had all this cheese and all this wine and get some fruits and chip things. But it’s perfect. And then I got seriously drunk. So needed. Yeah. As as you as you should.

Tara Jean O’Brien 23:48
I just asked because like for me, I felt the very same way is that I never ever saw myself as a person who would be married because it didn’t make any sense. Yeah, but then for where art and I were in life. It was right decision and I don’t regret it for a second. I don’t regret it now, but it’s an interesting thing to think about though because like, to me marriage is like, first of all, now I’m committed to art and like I would couldn’t imagine any other way and our partnership and like, everything’s amazing about it. Obviously, it’s hard to I don’t think you have to do it for every relationship

Michael Silva 24:19
you do. Not everybody is just a test till the next person.

Tara Jean O’Brien 24:25
Hashtag marriage

Michael Silva 24:27
is it’s like,

Tina Louise Eckert 24:28
Fun fact sad fact

Michael Silva 24:29
I did this and now I have to commit to it for the rest of my life. I don’t see that I guess I get imply the religious aspects, like it’s all this guilt that’s associated with sometimes things don’t work out, you know,

Tina Louise Eckert 24:38
and also, you know, you’re taking the kid equation out of it. Like, obviously, that’s correct. You

Tara Jean O’Brien 24:42
know, we’re both taking the kids out. Yeah,

Tina Louise Eckert 24:44
we don’t get star gene. You know, you do not have children

Tara Jean O’Brien 24:47
not playing no head. So come out of this vagina.

Tina Louise Eckert 24:50
Just that’s so gross. the grossest thing right now.

Tara Jean O’Brien 24:53
I mean, that’s where I was.

Michael Silva 24:55
Heads have gone into that vagina.

They had to come out.

Tina Louise Eckert 25:01
Tip of an h went in there.

Michael Silva 25:04
Just a tip of children

no children have ever been in her vagina.

Tara Jean O’Brien 25:14
Just a small Nissan.

Tina Louise Eckert 25:19
I meant sperm. I was like looking at you guys. You’re not picking up what I’m putting down? Like the tip, the head of the penis.

Michael Silva 25:28
that one was hard to swallow.

Tara Jean O’Brien 25:30
We should get back to… it’s always hard

Michael Silva 25:33

Tina Louise Eckert 25:34
It’s protein

Tara Jean O’Brien 25:35
It’s not

Tina Louise Eckert 25:37
it’s my Bumble feed telling me the wrong thing

Tara Jean O’Brien 25:42
After the internet Bumble is the most reliable information.

Michael Silva 25:49
But even even with kids, I mean this could go down a whole other alley but with kids you know, I don’t think staying together is necessarily always the best. Kids are smarter and more resilient. And it’s better to that when the when the parents When the individual is living their best life, the kids can have their best life now, they’re not always in a position to be able to do that. And I understand all those things. Listen, I knew people in New York that were shared apartments broke up and that kept the apartment for years because it’s so expensive in New York and you could do that because in New York, you can move on you know, like it’s harder with children so I’m not the expert or any emphasis on that but to me it just the idea of that you would have to because just strikes me as you know, it’s a bit tinny. Yeah, I understand. So the idea of this just a social structure.

Tina Louise Eckert 26:33
Now, today’s topic is about vacation planning, right? Well, now you being in a relationship. You guys do travel, like we travel

Michael Silva 26:42
a lot.

Tina Louise Eckert 26:42
Like I feel like you just do it to show us to show off. Oh, no, that we’re poor also that

Michael Silva 26:48
Yeah, well Tara can attest. I was born to be pretentious, for fun.

Tara Jean O’Brien 26:53
I mean, there’s never been a truer statement.

Michael and I are like Gonna be going to do fundraiser getting or something. And he’s like, wow, I’m traveling May, June, September, November, December half of January and 13 days in February, we have 12 seconds to do that.

Michael Silva 27:11
But to my credit, I pick a date, they’ll be there, right?

And I’m always there.

Tina Louise Eckert 27:17
So can you remember the very first trip? You went so

Michael Silva 27:20
rich and I were only married six years, but we met I think 16 years ago in October, or 15 years. 15 years? Actually. You’re 16 years, aren’t you? Tara?

Tara Jean O’Brien 27:29
Yeah, Art & I have been together 16 years, which means I was 16 I mean, I was one when we got together. Gotcha.

Tina Louise Eckert 27:35
Yeah, that was complicated.

Alright, so you guys have you guys been dating for about nine years?

Michael Silva 27:41
Yeah. But our first trip was you know at the beginning of that when we first met and you know when you first meet somebody that that is the tester. Oh, right. That’s

Tara Jean O’Brien 27:50
right after the first time you spend the night at their house, or they spend the night your house like the spending the night Your house is like the first time you see someone’s like hygiene you sleep with them. You see how they wake up with that? Fake. I dated a guy complete for like three months completely based on the first time I went to his house, his place was spotless. And I was like, this guy’s amazing. And it was he had a cleaning crew come in and clean his house clean. He was hitting the crew as the most disgusting human ever. And I totally was snowed over for three months. And then I look over the place. I’m like, Oh, he’s like, I just didn’t have time to make the bed. What about the like 15 piles of clothing on your floor,

Michael Silva 28:23
your female’s perspective is is illuminating, because from a gay male perspective, I’ve gone to a lot of places overnight. And I never woke up thinking I the one thing I always woke up is if I like this place, because like, I’m taking inventory, but mostly it’s like What was your name? That’s

Yeah, fun facts sad fact. That fact that Todd sad fact.

But so but traveling is Yeah, it was a really interesting thing. It actually did you guys go to find that relationship. We went to mammoth.

Tara Jean O’Brien 28:55
We were living in LA at the time.

Michael Silva 28:57
Yeah. I was in my place. He was on his Scott we live separately for a long time but we were only a mile away from each other but magnet for the snow or for like the summer to like a double Black Diamond scare. Oh, he is ski and I’m a drunk college weekend scare

Tina Louise Eckert 29:12
buddies by the fireplace. Yeah,

Michael Silva 29:14
absolutely. The Escape one day and I’m getting over the hangover the next day

Tara Jean O’Brien 29:17
you guys are really making it sound like you’re super rich.

Michael Silva 29:20

That was the plan. But let me get to this so So Richard, just the original. He was testing me he always tells a story like he’s testing me and I hope he was tests Yeah, like

Tara Jean O’Brien 29:32
Richard, I’m calling you out right yet so inaccurate.

Michael Silva 29:34
He’s Still on a test

Tina Louise Eckert 29:38
come up and

Michael Silva 29:42
talk but I sleep with him because I you know, I just need to run if I have to, you know, it’s like

Tara Jean O’Brien 29:47
you should take it upon a cash cash, cash for gold cash

Michael Silva 29:51
for gold. But so he made the arrangements and it was a motel six. No, he did not. It was a motel six before they had gotten to the you know, we’re going to renovate all the motel six in the Ramada? Yeah, really cool now, it was a motel six and the bathroom was one of those wheelchair accessible

Tara Jean O’Brien 30:08
and according like hotel bathrooms

Tina Louise Eckert 30:10
No, it’s no front the hotel accessible or like only a certain place or in certain percentage of the hotel rooms. Okay, like there’s

Michael Silva 30:17
no wall for the top, you know, worried like stepovers it’s like everything. It’s like you could literally roll from one end to the bathroom to the other doors

Tina Louise Eckert 30:23
are like absurdly loud. Yeah. What are they? I don’t know, words.

Like wide,

little large, but like the doorways are the doorways are like wide because you have the will and

Michael Silva 30:37
I know you could fall off the toilet and you know, like swimming to the next plane. Yes. Just roll right into the shower, turn it on ever get up off the talk. He’s frugal. So that’s, you know, so he’s like, Oh, it’s it’s good. And I said, Okay, and we went to math. We did our thing. And he’s like, oh to do and he was happy that we got a law that did everything. I’m really Easy going I, I don’t need to know where we’re going. But just know that I have a lot of opinions but it’s mostly I’m at going I’m like, I don’t care where we freakin go, I’m gonna have a good time, no matter where I am. I don’t get into the details. So yeah, he thought that was a great trip. And then I said, Okay, we will never be the motel six again, that’s not going to happen. Now before that, when that because I didn’t meet Richard till I was 37. So I have

Tara Jean O’Brien 31:27
literally 38 now.

Michael Silva 31:28
Yeah, I’m 38. So you can do the math. But I had all those years before where I would, you know, I was single, and I was the third we’re like you are to, and so it would be the couch and I’m like, Oh, I get all sides of this argument. But when you’re with your friends, is traveling with your friends as a group, whether you’re single, or you know, married in it, and when you’re younger, everybody wants have a good time. It’s all about all the adventures and where you are. We’re sharing the space of blah, blah. But once you hit your 30s and stuff, I need a bed. I need a bed. You need a bed. You You’re talking about, you know, how much alcohol you can consume. Where do you think, you know, like for retirement to like, the conversation changes. It all tastes like I have this new ache, you know, it’s like what they took this from my body can be like a biopsy.

I didn’t know a biopsy was a complete removal. I had a overbrook gonna do a biopsy. I’m like, great. I took a whole bowl off. I’m like, that’s not a biopsy. That’s like I like that the whole opsi it was a whole opsi friend. Yeah, I miss it.

Tina Louise Eckert 32:32
Wait, so how do you call it a beauty mark, you call it?

Tara Jean O’Brien 32:37
So you made it through the first trip and then like you never stopped taking trips every weekend,

Michael Silva 32:41
so we never stopped taking trips. Yeah, you know, he kind of I Say what? He likes the cold and skiing nature. I won’t camp. Good for you. I won’t glamp either. I once came back from a glamping trip and I cried in the shower like

Well went off of my body and I’d like

it was an acting exercise, but it was it was I had to throw away and then but I like the beach I like to do you know fancier things so we find a way in the middle so I’ll say where we want to go or he’ll say where he wants to go and then we’ll do one of his one of his because Marian compromise who plans it? We kind of both do like he’ll start with it. Okay, and then I’ll take a look at it and then I’ll be like, no, yes, no, no, no, we’re not staying there. No, no, no. So when we went to Australia, we picked out all these different price places and he’s got like, along the courtyard area you’re actually not courtyards are really nice but around that price point and I’m like I’m a little tool for Airbnb is because they don’t trust other people’s sheets and living stuff. That’s interest. Yeah, it’s it’s weird, but I go to a hotel. Well, no, they change the sheets, even though thousands of people stopped on it. I know that it’s a little better. I know.

Tina Louise Eckert 33:58
I just feel like there’s more murder in hotel rooms than a dream become

Michael Silva 34:01
a Come, come get me. I catch it inside.

outside. I would not not do an Airbnb. So what do you guys end up doing? When so what so we had to sit there for an hour and couples will realize, you know, will appreciate this, but for two painstaking hours looking like, accommodations nearby and like, I like this, well, I don’t like that, like, well, that’s too much money that you took about 10 $20. And it’s like, I know that it’s painful, like, you know, but I like the look of this. And I, I need a look, you know of something because I could feel a lot better of it. And I don’t want to go to a place that’s called, you know, motel six to the cheap shit. And I don’t know, it’s a cheap thing. You know, that’s fine, but I needed to present

Tina Louise Eckert 34:45
you need to get it then. But I think it’s so interesting that you guys both actively look at places because I think tarji and I are the similar in the sense of where you’re the alpha where they like I’m like, all right, you want to go here. He’s like, I don’t care.

Tara Jean O’Brien 34:58
If I disappointed him I he would tell me Right, we’re gonna go someplace and we’re gonna have fun and you’re just gonna have to go along for the ride which I’m so jealous of. I’m like, what somebody to plan a party, we’re like, just go along for the ride. That’s

Tina Louise Eckert 35:07
why we’re friends because I feel like we do that for each other. It’s true. It is we can rely on each other. We do that for each other. We love each other. For things like that. I wouldn’t even know what it feels like to have to unless it’s with you charging to have to like sit down with somebody in compromise and be like

Michael Silva 35:21
it’s so different with friends than it is with a husband because with my friends we would go to Provincetown for years we go to Florida all the gay places you know keywords we do all these great things so there’s like three of us and we had these friends that we called the supersize friends like 39 cents extra you can invite them you know, it’s like

Tina Louise Eckert 35:36
yeah, I thought you meant fat

Michael Silva 35:42
but no I get it I get it may or may not have been

Tara Jean O’Brien 35:44
so much cheaper when you have that.

Michael Silva 35:46
Well. It just it was my to Paul’s, Paul Paul and I and we would go by to Paulson I would travel together we like we’re gonna go they would just get the best Western province. And it’s easy because we’re there for group spirit or we go to the W and then as we paired off expectations got Different and people want to go now what am i one of the paws will go only to the W you know and it’s like I can’t afford that and my finger like crashed into my married life because I was meeting the two Paul’s and or one of the Paul’s and some supersize friends in Chicago at the W and Richard was coming to join us and he went to Northwestern so he knows Chicago and so I said oh come be this right the W and so we’re at the pool and we’re getting drinks because all we did was sit the pool to drink all day and then Richard like after a couple hours because so what’s next I said oh dinner but not for another four hours ago. But are you going anywhere I said maybe to the room and he’s like are you going to see Chicago I said

Tina Louise Eckert 36:41
I’m on your page right now my charging charging is the Richard cuz margins like so we’re going to assume the ceiling

Tara Jean O’Brien 36:48
yes and no. Like I also when I get somewhere and I’m like, I just want to sit at the pool for the Yes, yeah.

Tina Louise Eckert 36:53
We’re going somewhere local again. Go to Palm Springs. We just got back from Palm Springs.

Tara Jean O’Brien 36:57
Yeah, hashtag not rich.

Michael Silva 36:59
Yeah. Rich hashtag second home for you but that was a dividing rod for like my friends and for Richard night like because then Richard took me all around Chicago and I love seeing things. I love learning about things. But my friends were like, and they like doing their things too with this is not a diss on them. But I also enjoyed sitting around the pool with them. Would you motivate yourself to go like if it wasn’t for Richard, do you think you’d have that adventure? Go see Chicago, do you think you would have stayed by them? I wouldn’t have seen as much as Chicago without Richard. I wasn’t.

Tina Louise Eckert 37:25
It was a partnership.

Michael Silva 37:26
It’s a great partnership because I heard this cabaret song was about this woman who was talking about that she this guy was very different from her and he had her heads eat sushi. She doesn’t really like sushi. It’s slimy it says his skin. She doesn’t really like skiing scary and she did all these things. And you know, there was another thing. And then at the end of the song, she says I love him. It’s great. We’re just so different. And I could find somebody who is more like me, but then I would have never been to Aspen I never would have seen this I never would have been scared. I never would have tried something new. And I think Richard and I force each other to try Something news because he cannot sit at the beach for hours when our first trip to a beach thing in Hawaii. I said, I’m gonna go to the beach and after two hours an hour in the water, he left and sat in the sun and I was literally in the water for two hours. Yeah. And I came out and I go, that’s great. And he goes, are you done? I go to him with whatever we’re doing. This is day one. And he goes, this is all day and I go,

Tina Louise Eckert 38:22
yes. So how do you compromise that out?

Like, go do something, you know, I’m just gonna stay here or

Michael Silva 38:27
I could do that. But then I would feel like you know, yeah, he’s like so so we compromised by we saw the island and I said I want to go you need to take me to a beach and he took me to over that seven day period went to nine beaches. We saw every beach I love there I mean, and a couple of dude ones but

Tara Jean O’Brien 38:42
like he literally just was like we saw we saw

Michael Silva 38:45
it and it part of the window. There it is. But we’re not like tourists checklist kind of thing. Like we don’t go there. Like it’s like checked off the list. It’s like, we’ll go to San Francisco and just get on the Muni the bus and get a bus pass and just say take it somewhere, doesn’t it? neighborhood will get off and we’ll get lost in the neighborhood. Walk around find a restaurant. We are game to that because we already did the touristy stuff. And every so often we’ll go to the touristy thing, you know, or do the Castro every time we go, but you know, whatever, you know, but we we like to see stuff

Tina Louise Eckert 39:14
Tina-Louise here. And you guys know we have a website. I know it’s single versus married podcast calm. And if you’re wondering why it looks so good. That’s because we have the digital executives who whipped our digital lives into shape. I mean, and I am all about working out from our graphics or website design to our printed media to everything that I know I can’t do. It’s all courtesy of the fierce digital executives. I mean, she won’t buy for free. I mean, we totally paid for it, but it was worth it.mentioned that you heard about her on our show and you too can dominate your competition with superior graphics. Find her at Digital executives calm that’s digitalexecutrix.com

So how do you guys divide the finances of it all?

Michael Silva 40:05
We don’t share a bank account.

Tara Jean O’Brien 40:07
Neither do

Michael Silva 40:08
art. And we have one shared. We have one shared. But we got dp because he doesn’t have traded. Oh, no. partnership

Tina Louise Eckert 40:21
that was at the courthouse.

Michael Silva 40:23
That’s a good we needed a witness.

Just lie there for a second

Tara Jean O’Brien 40:31
R rated episode.

Michael Silva 40:34
for domestic partnerships, you had to fulfill like six different things like Britney Spears at the time literally married Jason Alexander the not famous person overnight, and he would be on her health plan immediately. But I had to make sure that Richards benefits from his HR first for one word, my name and vice versa, that we shared a bank account several, there were six different things. And the last thing I did was get a bank account together and what I send all the stuff in there like that bank Kind of hasn’t been open for six months. I said that wasn’t in the rules. It says a bank count. They like you gotta wait six months. So it was another year after I got dp double penetrate. And remember that day it takes a year of to get debris to cut back, you

Tara Jean O’Brien 41:13
know, remember that day when you need it, you need a few minutes.

Tina Louise Eckert 41:17
So, how do you get now back to my question? All right, how how do you guys handle splitting the cost of a trip so

Tara Jean O’Brien 41:26
that they have a million points on all their frickin?

Michael Silva 41:28
No, no, no, we honestly we do we do. We fly with just one airline. So we got a card just in that airline. So we make sure even whether that airlines got good reputation and bad reputation, it’s not Southwest. You know,

Tina Louise Eckert 41:40
and we would like to thank our sponsor today.

Michael Silva 41:44
I’ll tell you let it take us off. right but we’ll get the miles from that and but you you get bumped up to different levels. So I we do all of that. But we split everything down the middle for what the cost of the vacation is.

Tina Louise Eckert 41:56
And you can do this keep a tally in your head.

Michael Silva 41:59
Well what happens is people It’s up to him because he winds up doing the he’s so he’s particular like to get a little OCD about to hold to the flights and find the cheapest things, which is great. And the car and this other stuff. So when we go, I will pay all the meals,

Tara Jean O’Brien 42:12
oh art and I do stuff like that.

Michael Silva 42:13
Yeah. And then we end up at the end how much you spend, how much I spend, and then whatever the difference is, we send it to each other and then we’re done. The vacation is done wonderful.

Tina Louise Eckert 42:20
I mean, hard genes. brother and his girlfriend. Her brother does like spreadsheet. Like this comes from my backstory for my family. Yeah, but at least it’s it’s fair. Yeah, they’re equal. They’re both on the same playing field when it comes to income. So like it’s fair. In my past relationship, I paid for everything. I just felt I was the breadwinner. How do you say that breadwinner know what is this person who made his

Tara Jean O’Brien 42:44
money? What is it? What is the

Michael Silva 42:47
justice, the scales of justice scales, the

Tina Louise Eckert 42:49
scales tipped on one side more than the other?

Michael Silva 42:51
Well, probably

Tina Louise Eckert 42:52
because you had a nicer way than all the other words us

Tara Jean O’Brien 42:56
I don’t have to be nice, nice to, the next segment of our show. My favorite segment of the show

Jonathan Buchanan 43:03
Truth or trash, truth or trash, truth or trash.

Tara Jean O’Brien 43:07
or double penetration.

Tina Louise Eckert 43:10
So this is a time where Michael Silva is going to tell us a story. And we are going to decide we’re going to ask a couple questions each gate 60 seconds I get 60 seconds and we’re going to probably go to another 30 seconds after that and then we’re going to decide if this story is truth or trash.

Michael Silva 43:26
This is my weekend and Fort Lauderdale as a Gosh What do you call those people who answer almost Yeah. But pilgrim Yes, pilgrim I think they’re called Amish. Anyway, Puritans Puritans. No, this is this is my weekend as a as a boy of pleasure for older men of leisure. What Yeah, what so me my to Paul’s. Were in Fort Lauderdale at this cave resort that has a lot of older gentleman there’s even a back area that is optional clothing hot tub and this old guy came in and his name was we call them Mr. Mooney because he reminded me of Lucille Ball which have worked at the bank for anybody doesn’t know this. And she had this flamboyant boss, Mr. Booty. And he was so extravagant a playboy and well, he was in the pool staring at my, Paul’s and I, and, and, you know, because we were the youngest people there, that’s how old everybody was. And by the way, we’re in our 30s we look like we’re in our late 20s. But we were in our 30s. And I have to say that for sure. And I am such a smart mouth. So he kept leering at my friend, and he’s like, oh, what’s your friend’s name? And I said, it’s not listed. And Paula Tell me, makes me nervous and it goes, Listen, my mother just died. I felt I had to leave her for $2 billion. I’m going to take everybody out tonight. And I said, That’s wonderful. And he goes, I also just sold something to HBO and I’m like, fantastic. And I go, what’s the show because I can’t talk about it. But I’ve taken us out tonight, everybody in the place. I go, Okay, you guys, you guys are coming. And I go, I don’t think so. And he’s like, you’re gonna be there and I go, maybe. And he’s like, I’m telling you, they could be two levels out there. And, uh, you better show up. It’s got to come at seven o’clock, you know, so just be there. If you’re not there, you should just take off. So we go to our thing. And you know, our rooms were getting, like, should be going up well, but we’ll go out for dinner anyway, like, it’s 715. Should we see if the stabilities out there with this? Like, hey, out there with this limos. Somebody walk out there and there’s a black limo, and there’s a white limo, and Mr. Moody’s, like, Where were you? And I said, getting ready. And he goes, Well, we’re ready to go and I go, where are we going? And he goes, we’re gonna eat first. And then we’re gonna go out to the clubs, and I go, okay, and it gets young people at this level with me. So with the three of us, and this old guy named Lacey who had air hair plugs. And women, all the other old people got in the other one. And we went to this place called I think, who knows? chumley’s Charlie’s something with a chair. And they were old men take their young lovers and everybody who was paid for and I’m looking to pull it up, like, paid for. This is amazing. And we had a huge meal. And then he’s like, I can’t see the check. What have you sign it? I signed the check. Well, earlier in the meal, I was sitting between Mooney and the pretty Paul. And he’s like, I want him to sit next to me and I go, Well, he’s not gonna sit next to you. And he goes, I’m paying for this. I said, we appreciate that. He’s not sitting next to you. And he goes, why not? I said, because you scare him. He’s going to be next to me. Anything you need to say to him could go through me. And he’s like, ah, then we went to the club. He bought all the drinks, pay for everything. And then took us to the after hours, the Floridian thing for breakfast and then we were back. In the pool the next day and it’s like, how did you enjoy that? I said, It was nice. End of story.

Tara Jean O’Brien 47:05
That’s the end of your story? a way here’s what I say. I don’t know a lot about young slutty Michael, other than I believe it was

Michael Silva 47:13
in my 30s.

Tina Louise Eckert 47:15
So, you signed the check, right? I understand this because I feel like that would be something to happen to me like sign the check. Did you have to add the tip? Yeah. Did you have to approve it through him? No. Now you say then you went to the after hours and then you went to the pool? There’s no way an old man can make it to the pool like after a bender all night and then be back at the pool. That guy is going to still have diarrhea cuz he was gonna have ABS because he has something weird with his kidneys or whatever has happened acid reflux. So you know he’s not gonna be back down in that pool. So how do you get back down that pool?

Michael Silva 47:45
He probably slid right out of his hotel room. He looked like wet cement on an angle. She was just like, there’s a was what were you wearing? What were you wearing? fast? fast. I have no idea but I bet you it’s tight. Okay,

Tara Jean O’Brien 48:02
so you’re telling me Mr. Mooney invited three of you and you and your tightly and I are complex. Wait, so then then only the three of you went?

Michael Silva 48:12
Oh, no, no, we were the guest of honor.

Tara Jean O’Brien 48:14
They were but why were you the guest of honor? Because we were young. So you are the youngest ones in there. Oh, yeah. And he didn’t say you have to come out with me and then like he didn’t like so you have to come back with me to my hotel room. Hey, implied

it. Were you guessing at the same hotel? Yeah. And so you came back at the next morning after breakfast.

Michael Silva 48:31
We all came back after breakfast and you did not have to go back to his hotel? No.

Tara Jean O’Brien 48:37
20 more seconds, but I think I don’t need any more. I have more questions. Okay, ready? Hold on. Now you only get 30 seconds. Okay, well,

Tina Louise Eckert 48:43
I have my 13 from before we go Ready and go to your 30s you have this guy that says he has money young. I’m telling you, I’m telling you right now. Some guy told me as money sold a show to HBO and I have aspirations to be an actor view. I’m going to be starving to find A little more like, I’m going to be a little nicer. I might be sugar and sweet. Like, I know you played the sour because it’s a fun way to negative. But you weren’t thinking like this guy could help my career.

Michael Silva 49:11
Not for a second. You You

Tina Louise Eckert 49:15
You weren’t,

couldn’t even say what was a show or like have you ever sold a show before? You weren’t interested?

anything of that nature.

Michael Silva 49:22
I didn’t trust this guy. But I knew he had money

Tina Louise Eckert 49:24
But you trusted him enough to go be in the young person limo and sit next

Michael Silva 49:27
to I did and he put his hand on me and I said, lazy.

Tara Jean O’Brien 49:31
That’s enough. But that’s okay. I’m gonna keep going. What was the show? He sold to HBO?

Michael Silva 49:36
He didn’t tell me.

Tara Jean O’Brien 49:37
Did you ask?

Michael Silva 49:38
No. But I asked him enough questions that when I googled him his real name and looked up hvm I couldn’t find anything. But that’s before Google was as pervasive as it was. That’s

Tara Jean O’Brien 49:47
that’s the only thing that’s gonna count because I feel like you’re getting street cred for that. Who I don’t know Michael because I know you very well and for you to like smell like chum in the water with like it like industry stuff for you to not follow up into play. It’s so cool I don’t know okay I have my I have mine to

Tina Louise Eckert 50:04
do not say I’ll say it kind of preface Why me as a manager because of all the things Silva is he’s very protective but when it comes down to it he’s very protective not was the thread in the story which I see is true this is a true story because you like when you say like you still go but just trouble in the water like Tara Jean said you would be that person that would stick yourself in like between you and someone

Tara Jean O’Brien 50:26
else I’m gonna say also truth.

Michael Silva 50:30
It’s true. I gotta tell you Michael Silva, I’ve been I’ve been as it was the only time it ever happened to me

Tina Louise Eckert 50:37
it’s almost like a movie where you you’re in it but you’re watching to see where it goes next

Michael Silva 50:43
we lost one of the Paul’s to somebody and

Tara Jean O’Brien 50:46
also one of the Paul’s put out to somebody cuz I’m

Michael Silva 50:48
not not not there. But I met somebody at the club. I went off somewhere, you know, sorry, Paul. And I mean, we weren’t exactly innocent at the time, but we weren’t did we did nothing with him. At one point I tried to buy a round At the nikai to buy my freedom and independence

by this one lousy drink it was so offended he was

by us breakfast

by Rich people back you know because then they feel like you’re you know,

Tina Louise Eckert 51:17
that’s not a moral to today’s story.

Tara Jean O’Brien 51:18
Don’t buy people’s drinks?

Tina Louise Eckert 51:20
no don’t buy rich people you know

Tara Jean O’Brien 51:21
don’t buy rich people anything that’s absolutely

Tina Louise Eckert 51:23
Silva, This was such a pleasure I think you added so much

so much information. It’s It’s wonderful to hear different perspectives of vacationing from different partners, you know, from a friend to your partner, your you know, your husband, your wife, or whoever it is. Now, if people want to find you on social media, how are they gonna find you? Well, they can come to our fundraiser on Facebook and on Instagram is MC Silva. 15 that’s the number 15 one five, MC my last name si LDA

Tara Jean O’Brien 51:56
an IMDb your Michael C.

Unknown Speaker 51:58
So I’m Michael Silva as Sometimes Michael c Silva so you’ll find me find me on my website Michael C. Silva.com

Tara Jean O’Brien 52:05
and do you have any travel websites that you recommend or that you guys use a lot of Hot Tips?

Michael Silva 52:09
Yeah, I mean, I think if you travel a particular airline, you should get a credit card for them and use them over and over again just to get just to know that I’m seated right after the first priority relieves me in my ears. From the put that yet from any of the stress of putting my overhead, they’re getting the good seed like when I take united down so I get pumped up no matter what seed I buy, within 24 hours, I get bumped up to the economy. So I always have the leg room and I on that stuff, so you got to stay on it. And then I got my overhead I feel it’s a delight to know where you’re taking the power of your traveling your hands. Listen, I’m still excited every time I don’t know who made that joke. But about I’m in a chair 30,000 feet over the you know, and like going somewhere that blows my mind. The other thing I would say is if you have a Costco account, or I don’t know some people have Sam’s up And then his travel arrangements, get your car rental always record that. Okay. And when you do that to Costco, especially book your thing and then check it every day because the price goes lower and lower and lower. Richard and I once went to San Francisco and got a car from we were staying in San Francisco at the high anxiety high. And which we loved. We got that car for, in in San Francisco for $15 drove up to Napa for the day went to like I just drove back to LA at the end of the day. $15 so what we really paid was gas

Not LAX. next to San Francisco. Yeah.

Tina Louise Eckert 53:37
So you booked it through Costco. And yeah, what do you mean check it every day like

Michael Silva 53:41
well, so if I like rate changes every day, yeah, we went to Hawaii and we it was only a reservation, they don’t charge for a reservation to go there. It’s like a reservation, just create another reservation. So we went to Hawaii Maui I think was costing us like 300 for the car. And then we checked every week and you know, as you get closer to the day of you’re going to be screwed back up. But guys, you guys The closer we got it for now with down 22. Richard loves this game. So I just have $70 of the car. I just got $20 of the car, but the end I’m like, I have no idea what we fuckin He’s so happy. And you know, it’s gonna come out in the wash and know that if you are traveling in intercoms in the United States Yelp is can be a really good tool but but it’s also very popular motivated. If you go to Europe, it’s not as good and they have other things that you have to take with a grain of salt. If you get recommendations from friends. I would definitely try those places.

Tina Louise Eckert 54:31
I want to say something about the Yelp because this is my contribution to this. My call to action and things is through Yelp is what I do, especially for going like when went to New Orleans. When I was looking at restaurants. I would like find somebody that I would see like review it, then I would click on to them to see what else they reviewed because they’ve already been there. Have you already done the footwork, or if I see a restaurant I really like I’m interested in if you scroll down it says other places people who viewed this viewed and then I can go down that wormhole so I just

I know I like this, I will find things is I find tours is I find museums and fun places, I just let other people do the work. And I just kind of find it.

Michael Silva 55:09
And one other thing I would say it’s like, by all means you should go to Orbitz, kayak and all those other things to find out the price. But never buy it on there go directly to the airline and buy it directly from them. Because you if you have to refund the ticket or anything else, you don’t get pumped up. You don’t get you have more security buying directly from the airline that you do from Orbitz. Because once you that ticket goes away, you don’t make it you don’t get a refund. You know, like, what’s a good ship back down? Yeah.

Tara Jean O’Brien 55:34
So when I was single one of my favorite things when I was in Europe, they do a really good job of putting group trips together that you don’t have to be married or anything like you could just be a single person and they’re like, we’re going to go to Stonehenge for the day or we’re going to go to Ireland, like there’s a lot of great tourists and like travel companies that do that. And then the second thing is in America, the Sierra Club, maybe you don’t know this Fun fact, they do great. A great job of putting together trips around the world for groups, not necessarily cup Or singles or whatever. So if you’re like, Okay, I’m going to go to Costa Rica and they put together a whole travel week and you don’t have to know anybody and it’s really well done and so anyways, the Sierra Club, just go to their website and they have a lot of great group outings

Michael Silva 56:13
sometimes I’ll take I don’t know the Sierra Club, I’m going to check into them sometimes I’ll take other plans and see what their things are and and then I’ll go directly to those things and pick and choose what I want because I don’t like to travel with other strangers Yeah, I like France and things I don’t want to you know, like basis. We’re going to go to Peru next year.

Tina Louise Eckert 56:32
Oh, obviously.

Tara Jean O’Brien 56:33
I mean why wouldn’t you?

Michael Silva 56:35
gotta go to Machu Picchu. But there’s so many so a European friends that don’t take those tours. It’s easy to get a pass and then other people like don’t get the past you need to get on the train legs. It is a lot. You know, Richard special. There’s, you know, there’s a lot of smoking. I know that he doesn’t like smoke, so uncontained and you learn the best things the worst things about your partner is

Tina Louise Eckert 56:57
this is why we had today’s topic because this is all You know, it could make or break a relationship and help or not help. But you know what was a great help, Michael Silva!

Michael Silva 57:07
I love teal! I love you Tara. Thank you for having me. I’m

so humbled.

Tara Jean O’Brien 57:13
You should be humbled.

Michael Silva 57:14
Thank you don’t dp me now?

Tara Jean O’Brien 57:17
That’ll be in like 12 seconds. Oh yeah.

Tina Louise Eckert 57:19
I do want to thank Jonathan for all the music for our show.

Tara Jean O’Brien 57:23
always at campfire cassettes, Jonathan is the best, Jonathan Buchanan.

Tina Louise Eckert 57:27
He’s such a guy.

Tara Jean O’Brien 57:28
Don’t forget to like and subscribe to our podcast,

Tina Louise Eckert 57:30
definitely subscribe because every week we’re going to try and put one out that just highlights another topic that maybe single people have a struggle with or a married person struggles with and this is what we do. We just want to give you our point or maybe we’ll give you some great tips on wine. Yeah, never know. You know, we’d like you to subscribe so you can get our updates but if you want to follow us on Instagram, we’re at single versus married podcast that’s single vs. Married

Tara Jean O’Brien 57:53
podcast on Twitter. We are single v married. I don’t need that s. But we need the Twitter

Tina Louise Eckert 58:00
On Facebook we are single versus married podcast and on all the links we will put all the links that we talked about our travel tip top travel tips, picture of Mr. Mooney.

Tara Jean O’Brien 58:13
Oh, that’s been great. It’s been a great afternoon. You know what?

Tina Louise Eckert 58:16
It has been? Aloha,

Tara Jean O’Brien 58:18
aloha motherfuckers

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