Episode 8: Natural Childbirth with Shea Andreone!

We cannot WAIT for you to listen to this fascinating episode about natural childbirth! As our regular listeners know, neither one of us has children for reasons including, “none of your business,” and, “can you ask me a more relevant question,” but hearing Shea’s pregnancy story is inspiring, beautiful, and 100% made us cry. She talks all about having hyperemesis gravidarum which is a fancy way of saying ‘morning sickness’ except it never went away and yes, she vomited all the time not just in the morning (see: Amy Schumer & Kate Middleton).

Shea’s story ends with two really great kids so don’t worry! We didn’t want you to have that on your mind while listening. The vomit paid off! Read more about her journey on her blog, Twig Hugger.

If you or a woman you know has this condition, there is a study that is being conducted they can participate in because as most things dealing with “sensitive” women’s issues, very little is known about what causes hyperemesis. Go to HelpHER.org now!

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