Episode 9: Cheating with Sean Michael Boozer!

Loading up the big guns now! In this episode, we address the ever taboo subject of cheating. Is it worse when you’re married or is it worse when you’re single? How do you move forward in your relationship? Does it always mean the end? Also, there are (depressingly) many resources for married people to find partners for extramarital affairs. WHAT IS THIS LIFE?!

Luckily, we have the talented, and very honest, Sean Michael Boozer with us to talk about cheating and he shares some of the male perspectives on the topic. It’s a candid and open conversation on a topic no one really wants to talk about.

THANK you for listening and sharing the show with your friends and enemies! Now you can also share it with people you’ve cheated on–or someone that cheated on you–what a gift! Follow us on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook, like and subscribe on your favorite podcast provider!

Tina-Louise, Sean Michael, and Tara Jean celebrating people who don’t fit within the boundaries of just one name.
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