Episode 10: When Your Partner Gets Sick with Ian MacLeod!

We were honored and inspired by this week’s guest, Ian MacLeod. His journey when he was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (AML) (a rare Cancer) (sorry for all the parenthesis) (not sorry) is one of hope, courage, and frankly, scared the living shit out of us! We chat about what happens when your partner gets sick, what it’s like when you’re sick and alone, and how Ian was able to recover, be diagnosed as cancer-free, and how his experience with AML changed the trajectory of his life. He’s writing a book that we know will inspire everyone!

Also, we talk about how badass Ian’s wife was during the whole process. She has two standing marriage proposals from both Tina-Louise and Tara Jean. Yes, that would make Tara Jean a polygamist. Anyone out there a polygamist who wants to come on the show?

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TL, Ian, and TJ doing their best… let’s say… duck face? Impressions…
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