Episode 11: Divorce (the Big D) with Scott Palmason!

The uber-talented Scott Palmason sat down with us to talk about his experience with divorce. This is a subject that almost no one wants to talk about but let’s face it–nearly every single person reading this has first-hand experiences with the Big D! (Also, some of us would like better experiences with other types of ‘Big D.’ We digress. But also singlevsmarriedpodcast@gmail.com)

Divorce is a mixed bag of emotions and we were so grateful that we were able to tackle this tough topic in an open, understanding, and of course, humorous, way with our Scotty! We hope it might help you get through your own relationship woes, or maybe give you a better understanding about what someone in your life might be experiencing if they are facing divorce.

THANK YOU for listening and sharing the show! Just yesterday we hit 2500 listens! We are awed and honored and buoyed to your love!

Go see one of Scott’s shows if you’re in LA! Follow us on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook, and like and subscribe on your favorite podcast provider! And remember: WASH YOUR G-D HANDS!!

Scott discovering that we add hand sanitizer to all our vodka sodas!
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