Episode 12: Long Distance Relationships with Megan Brasfield!

We hope everyone is staying safe out there! This episode was recorded prior to learning that no one washes their hands (why are some people so gross?) and that America is very concerned about how much pooping they will be doing in their own homes. Hope our plumbers are ready for this poop-demic…

The super adorable Megan Brasfield sat down with us to talk about her current relationship with her long-distance boyfriend who lives in Australia! WHOA! We asked her if she could tell Hugh Jackman hello for us and force Nicole Kidman to be our new bestie, but we haven’t heard back from them, sooo… we’ll keep waiting, mates! (See! We’ve already got the lingo down!)

Long-distance relationships can be tricky to navigate but since everyone on the planet is technically in a long-distance relationship with one another, we could all use some great tips and tricks. Maybe Megan will teach a class after this!

Tina-Louise, Megan, and Tara Jean lost the battle with super glue. No chins survived this incident.

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