Episode 13: Being a Breadwinner With Christie Clough Bishop!

Have you worn out your favorite pajamas yet? Us too! No matter how many holes we have in our pants, we’re pressing on with this week’s episode. (This was recorded pre-COVID, so if it sounds like we still had hope and wonder in our voices, that’s why.)

At any rate, we had a FANTASTIC conversation with the wildly impressive and professional badass, Christie Clough Bishop about being the breadwinner in a relationship. Did you get tense just reading that? We know! It’s a topic we were eager to cover because it’s rife with preconceived notions and stigma! Why, though? Is it because money makes everyone get weird? That’s what we wanted to know… and dug into!

Christie is a powerhouse in the advertising world while also hosting her own podcast, Commercial Grade. She’s appeared on Adam Carolla’s podcast and now… ours! Her journey to becoming an earning champion is inspiring and gave us some #goals. We’re excited to hear your feedback on this topic and hope you’ll share your stories of your own badassery!

Tina-Louise, Christie, and Tara Jean basking in the glow of lady power.

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